10 benefits of living in a container


For several years from now building houses with containers is fashionable, and it’s no coincidence since living in a container has several advantages, we enumerate you now 10 of them.

10 benefits of living in a container 1

1. Durability: They are very resistant to the worst weather and harsh environments, such as the sea, that’s because they are designed to be used as a shipping method.

2. Transportable: Containers are designed to be transported easily, thanks to its ISO measures they can be transported by wind, sea and air easily, being adaptable to any kind of transport.

3. Easy to get: They can be find at any container distributor, both first hand and second hand, even if you don’t live in a port city you will find them easily.

4. Economic: The containers are cheap, especially second hand containers, $ 2,000 and even you can get one for less.

5. Ecological: Building with shipping containers is very ecological, we are giving a second life to recycled elements without having to squeeze our natural resources.

6. Solid: They are structurally super-resistant, can withstand stacked up to 5 stories high, so you may live safe and calm inside one.

7. Modular: With its standard measures they can be combined between them to create spaces easily, which gives us many pros at the time to expand our home in the future.

8. Light: Metal is not very heavy, considering that it will be used to build houses, this minimizes the costs of the foundations and makes easier its assembly.

9. Modern: Containers are very “cools” since recycling is fashionable and they give you a super modern look to your home.

10. Transformables: The metal is easy to manipulate so the containers are easily adaptable to our needs.

10 benefits of living in a container 2

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