2 years living in a container home


This family has been two years already living in a container house in Australia, completely disconnected from the electrical and plumbing networks, in this report we explain how has been the experience of creating a home with containers and living in it for two years, amid the Australian nature.


The couple decided to sell his house in the city to go live in the middle of nature, in a completely self-sufficient house built of containers. Both live in one of the two 40-feet containers, while the other is used as the kitchen and bathroom. The containers have been modified but not connected to make them habitable.

To heat the house they use a stove built with a save box, dividing the interior of the container with thick curtains to avoid the heat flowing along it. Outdoors they have all the wood they need to feed the stove. Of course the house has installed a photovoltaic system and a gasoline generator that supplies them with all the power they need, as well as a tank that collects the rainwater. A mesh provides the necessary shade to protect the containers fromt the afternoon sun.

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