6 basic steps to start building a container house


Today we are going to show thanks to a practical example, what are the basic steps to build a house with shipping containers. In a simple way we are going to explain the planning and execution of a work of this kind. Hopefully this post could help you to encourage you with your own project.

pasos-para-construir-una-casa-con-contenedores-1 pasos-para-construir-una-casa-con-contenedores-2

First we have to design how we are going to place the containers to create the house, I recommend you to use a 3D program, or simply draw several models on a paper, until you get the idea of what are you looking for.


Another good option is to create a 3D model of your design, so you’ll get the idea of the potential possibilities of the house.


We must create the proper foundation where the containers are going to rest,  which have to be adapted to the vicissitudes of the land.


Before placing them it’s advisable to start making cuts where where we will place the windows and doors, also paint it of the chosen color.




We will place the containers with a mobile crane, as if it was a lego game, in just one day we can install them easily.



Another important aspect is the roof of the house, it will protect us from the sun and rain, considering that the containers are made of metal, it’s very important to properly insulate the roof, and the walls and the floor of it.



Finally we’ll make the interior finishes and install the doors and windows of the container house. You can cover the interior walls using plywood or plaster boards.


As you can see just following a few simple steps is easy to organize and execute your own home. The final aspect is somewhat industrial, but we can always improve the exterior ends of the house to make it seem like a conventional home.

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