ALP_320 : prefab house MEKA



Talk about manufactured homes from MEKA means also talk about shipping containers, because they are buildings made using these transport modules, so popular lately inside the sustainable architecture. The main attraction of these designs are in the inner lining (made of bamboo ) and the exterior (made of cedar ), which makes them very functional homes at a very competitive price.


This manufacturer even stacks containers for building some of their models (there are also multi-family homes), but today we ‘ll focus on the smallest of all options, the ALP_320, a structure obtained with the union of two 20 foot ISO containers, and having an area of ​​only 320ft2, as it’s name says. At this size MEKA has managed to set a small home-studio, a multifunctional space that includes a kitchen, a bathroom and more, all well ventilated, and an outdoor terrace with a swing.


All the cube is properly waterproofed and insulated with projected foam, keeping the finishes mentioned before ( certified wood ), the deck is made of plywood boards , windows carpentry is anodized aluminum or black , with double glazing and low thermal emissivity . If you don’t order it with solar panels  hot water is produced by an electric heater , of course that all the plumbing , electrical wiring, plugs, and lighting are already included in the final price. All the bathroom is made by Kohler, and halogen lighting , fluorescent bulbs and LEDs are combined.


ALP_320 prefab house is a good choice to place it in the garden and use it as a guest bedroom, and very quick , as it’s assembled in just seven days.


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