Container homes project for homeless people


These container houses modules were designed by QED property in collaboration with WCEC Architecture. The modules are located in the former space used to store scrap metal. Composing a total of two blocks, these modules are allowed to be for at least 5 years at this location.



A year has passed since the construction of this social building, and it has been a success in the neighbors community, who are more than satisfied with the result. Besides so unique project is not just about helping people giving them a decent house, it also involves for example a project of growing vegetables in the same space.



However not all are good news, many residents have complained about the high costs involved to heat their homes in winter, as it seems that the work made to insulate properly these containers has not been the best, perhaps because the underinvestment or the void of experience. We hope this error will serve in the future to improve the quality of this kind of housing.


The project is still alive and currently 9 new containers will be installed to be used as offices in the same space.

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