Container House of 192ft2


Container House of 190ft2

These pictures are from a small house that was shown at the annual 2011 Sunset Idea House in Menlo Park (California , USA ), organized by the Sunset magazine . This small house was built by Hybrid Architecture , a company from Seattle specialized in building prefab homes using shipping containers as a construction module. The model exhibited was the Nomad C192 , a house that has an area of ​​only 192 square feet.

Container House of 190ft2

This type of structure, called Cargotecture by their authors, can be used for almost whatever you want to built, either as a guest room , an office , or a workshop… it’s a quick expansion that can be added to your existing house easily. Like any prefabricated house, it’s built entirely at the workshop, and then brought to the site by any kind of container transport.

 Container House of 190ft3

The container has been altered to add large spaces with glass doors , but the cut parts are still preserved as a sliding exterior doors , in order to close the house when is not in use . Outside there is space for a large terrace with a wooden floor , and inside you can found a small kitchen, a bathroom, a closet and a little storage space, leaving the rest for serving space and a convertible sleeping room ( sofa bed ) like alittle loft. The toilet is really a shower room with a toilet and a sink .

 Container House of 190ft23

The solar panels mounted on the roof are able to supply energy to the heating , the hot water, the cooking plate and the lighting. If you look to the next picture, a black vertical tanks ( rain water storage ) can be seen. Some other features about this shipping container home are:

Insulation based on foam soy
Aluminum windows
Bamboo Wooden Floor
Ceiling and wall made of drywall
Duravit Bath Accessories
IKEA furniture for kitchen, cabinets and lighting
Electric heater of 30 gallons

Container House of 190ft24

Container House of 190ft25

Container House of 190ft5

Container House of 190ft6

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