Container houses with 0 energy


Container houses with 0 energy

we used The 3 containers to create the structure of this house, is not only recycling it’s much more !

 Container houses with 0 energy2

“World Flex Homes” develops, builds and sells green container homes ( 0 -energy ), which are based on modular construction. The architect has designed this project with a nice modern style and has sold it worldwide . “World Flex Home” is Danish consortium that developes modular homes to sell them internationally .

 Container houses with 0 energy3

Based on the quality, the innovation and the danish technology, “World Flex Home” has created a basic concept of creating homes but it can be adapted to the individual needs . They can create houses , townhouses and entire neighborhoods designed to produce more energy than the one that they consume and also resist the seismic actions.

 Container houses with 0 energy4

The architect and designer creates homes achieving the requirements of the International Active House Cooperation, ensuring that their homes have a healthy indoor clima.

Container houses with 0 energy5
The “World Flex Homes” houses meet the future requirement of the European Union, which in 2018 will require to all the newly constructed public buildings to consume 0 energy, and also for 2020 the same for the rest of the other buildings. All thanks to the autonomous energy production via renewable energy homes.

Container houses with 0 energy6

 Container houses with 0 energy7

 Container houses with 0 energy8

 Container houses with 0 energy9

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