Design house with 3 40 feet containers


This is an example of an easily build house with just 3 containers, in this case 40 feet each one to maximize the space used and to don’t have to connect them laterally. The house is to stories high connected by two staircases using a very original design.



This is the placement of the 40 feet containers, the house will have a total of 90 m2 (968 square feet)



The ground floor will have a total of 60 m2 (645 square feet), though both spaces will not be connected, they will be accessible from the outside through the doors or the top through the spiral stairs floor, however the 2 containers of the ground floor can be connected if we close the outer space with a large window. In one of the containers we can find a bathroom with a living room and a small study, and in the other one a complete bathroom with a kitchen and a dining room.



Finally on the top floor there are 2 double rooms, which can be converted into 3 simple bedrooms if it’s necessary.

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