Dwell by G-pod, an expandable house created inside a shipping container


The Australian and Hongkongese G-pod company, has begun the production of its acclaimed Dwell project. A small modular container house where is possible to live without being connected to the electricity or potable water network. Its different models start at the price of € 40,000 ($ 49,000), and his sister and modular house known as Pop, more suitable for creating small businesses and mobile hospitals, start at a price of € 15,000 ($ 19,000)

G-Pod-container-house 1

Once we have transported this container house were ever we want, which can be any place where is possible to carry a shipping container, you only need 3 hours to install it, and 3 hours also to pick up it, through some pneumatic systems and other manuals. The original surface of the container only provides about 12.5 m2 (134 ft2) but with the house completely expanded its interior grows to 18m2 (194 ft2) and also gets an outdoor space of 16,8m2 (180 ft2)

G-Pod-container-house 2

Much of this additional outside space comes thanks to the porch that is created when you open one of the sides of the container. This model includes also a small barbecue and an aluminum bench for the this porch.

G-Pod-container-house 3

G-Pod-container-house 4

The interior of the container house is equipped with a folding office desk, a 7kg washer (15 lbs), LED lighting, a double bed and a water heater. Other optional equipment are the photovoltaic panels with its batteries, a roof garden, a composting toilet and a rainwater collector to make the house completely autonomous.

G-Pod-container-house 5

The modules are also dockable between them to create a multifamily housing. There are many uses that can be given to this system of housing, like as a backyard guesthouse, as a shelter, as mining establishments or as a study-office. Its many insulation options make them suitable for any clima, even the most extreme.

G-Pod-container-house 6

Source: Inhabitat.com


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