Family house made ​​with containers in Redwood


Family house made ​​with containers in Redwood

Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains we can find this peculiar house made of shipping containers. Kam and Connie wanted to build a modern house but suitable also to be into a forest, initially they thought to build it modular, but later they discovered the properties of the shipping containers and its ease of transportation through the small roads like the ones in this forest.

The containers were mounted in only 6 hours, but to make the interior it took a whole year! The house itself wasn’t built in the most economical way, but it was cheaper than building it with traditional systems, the cost per M2 was € 400 ($ 50 / sq ft)

Another positive aspect of the containers for its installation in a forest is, for example, its high impact resistance, if a tree falls on the house due to the wind or the snow, don’t doubt it would resist perfectly the impact.

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