High standing container home


High standing container home

This is the “beach box”, a house built with shipping containers in Amagansett , New York , on Montauk Highway . This house is the first built with shipping containers in the Hamptons, and it was developed by Andrew Anderson with six different containers.

The four containers which perform the ground floor is where are ubicated the four bedrooms, the two containers at the top are the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. The “beach box” features a full four bedrooms house, two bathrooms, and 1.990 ft2, with an additional 120 ft2 of space on the outside deck .

The “beach box” , which is situated only 650 feets from the beach, was built with EcoTopcounters which are tankless water heaters, an HVAC 16 SEER HVAC , insulation of polyurethane and an Energy Star kitchen.

Besides the wooden cypress paneling , this home has a fiber cement covering at the walls, and windows are energy efficient. The garden is built with native plants.

For those who are interested in the house, Anderson , owner and developer of it, has the “beach box” for sale at a starting price of 1,500,000 $ . Anderson recently purchased a nearby field , according to the New York Times, and hopes to build another luxurious house also made of shipping containers that will have a value of 4,000,000 $ – 5.000.000 $

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