Home design using 3 20 feet containers


Who says that the 20-feet containers are not large enough to build a home? It’s all about connecting them together to create larger living spaces, in fact the smaller size of these containers can make them ideal for creating small houses in the cities. This is the case that we show you now with this small container house.

Home design using 3 20 feet containers 1

As you can see the size of 20 feet containers make them practically insufficient to create a home, measuring just 2.33 x 2.39 x 5.90 m. for a total of 13.74 m2 if we consider that in addition you have to isolate its interior losing some space.

So joining 3 of them we can get designs like this one of 41.22 m2 of occupied surface, which are reduced to 35m2 once we discount the insulating layer and the inner walls.

Home design using 3 20 feet containers 2

The lower floor is built joining 2 containers by their sides, obtaining a total of 23.3 m2, where we can find the door which gives access to a small living room with a little kitchen, and a small bathroom.

Home design using 3 20 feet containers 3

The upper floor consists of a single container so it only has a surface of 11.7 m2, this is where the double room is located.

Home design using 3 20 feet containers 4

A plus is that the upper surface of one of the containers is used as a terrace, so we get another 11.7 m2, yes it’s an outdoor space but with a nice awning it can be an excellent choice of extra space for the spring and summer.

Home design using 3 20 feet containers 5

To join the two stories a metal spiral staircase has been used, it’s perfect because it occupies just a little space, optimizing to the limit the house.

The 20 feet second handed containers don’t usually exceed the € 2,000 on the market, or even less. Assuming that the price to transform these containers into a house is around € 600 per m2, we can obtain a full house like this one for less than € 30,000. Definitely the best option to create a lowcost housing for a world guinnes record price!

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