House built using a container and natural origin materials


This video portrays perfectly how to make a house with only one container and natural materials. Using the timelapse technique, the film focuses in just over one minute on how to build a simple house, using only one small container of 20 feet. The supplemental materials used to build the house are of every kind, but always keeping in mind that are not harmful to the environment.

House built using a container and natural origin materials 1

The wood is a great addition, as it is in any kind of format in the market, and also we can customize it easily; the fact that is from 100% natural origin and it’s biodegradable makes it a very powerful ally for any type of green building. In this construction it has been used to coat the entire exterior of it, creating the substructure where the insulating layer is applied. Also the wood has been used to build the roof of the container, this gives an extra space to the house isolating better the living space.

House built using a container and natural origin materials 2

But not only common building materials have been used in the adaptation of this container, clay for example takes place in the interior of the container, strange but true. Using the clay they have built some kind of sofa, but with the curious ad-on that one of its sides is a heater made with the same clay, a good point to safe a lot of money wasted in energy. Although clay on some countries is a conventional element used in construction, in the Western culture is not very common to find it.

This is the picture timelapse.

Here you can see an interview from the genius-creator.


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