“Manifesto” house built with sea containers and pallets


     Manifesto house built with sea containers and pallets

House of 1.700ft2 divided into two floors inside . James and Mau Design for Infiniski .

The building system works on a modular design, prefabricated in a workshop that allows you to limit the transport costs and also the pollution at the building place. The modular system suggests the full realization of the house, anyway it’s easy to integrate fast and consistent upgrades if the client space needs change over time.

 Manifesto house built with sea containers and pallets2

The structure consists of three recycled shipping containers. A container divided into two separated parts serves as a structural support for the two containers of the first floor. This structure creates a gate-shaped space “inter- containers ” which gives an extra area , so with only three containers ( 960ft2 ) we achieve 1.700ft2 . this reduces also the use of materials. The house ” dresses and undresses ” in summer and winter by a Solar protection at both façades and the ro0f. It dresses with a coat at summer for protection from the sun, creating a natural cooling effect. Also it undresses at winter to allow the sun incidence over the container and  windows, creating a passive natural heating effect .

 Manifesto house built with sea containers and pallets3

In order to control the solar radiation two types of facade coating were used: One based on fixed horizontal wooden slats and other one made with mobile pallets that can be opened individually. The roof covering is a lightweight mesh that can be moved according to the season. The coating also serves as an attractive finish which is integrated into its rural surroundings .

 Manifesto house built with sea containers and pallets4

To control the entry of direct sunlight through the windows we have used a sunshade. In the winter we  rise it to the maximum to allow the entry of more sun light and generate a greenhouse effect inside de house. In summer, we fall it more or less depending on the hour of the day and the outside temperature to allow the natural ventilation effect.

 Manifesto house built with sea containers and pallets5

The inner insulation is made of recycled cellulose, projected on the inside of the container veneer panels and finished with ecological cellulose fiber and gypsum.

 Manifesto house built with sea containers and pallets6

 Manifesto house built with sea containers and pallets7

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