MEKA Container Homes


MEKA Container Homes

Marine containers have been a great improve in transportation, thanks to its standard and international measures the task of shipping goods around the world now it’s easier, either by sea or by land. Built shipping container houses has always been a very interesting option, take advantage of these structures to recycle and reduce the costs in housing is a plus undoubtedly, and also bring new concepts in the home design . MEKA perfectly combines these two features, they perform homes with shipping containers without forgetting the original properties of the containers : internationality and ease for its shipping . Thanks to this the container homes built ​by MEKA are easily transportable across the globe .

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 MEKA Container Homes 4

Traditional containers are traditionally designed to support up to 9 stories high, the MEKA containers have lighter structures depending of how high are they homes, making them more affordable and portable.

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Traditional modular housing has a range for its shipping of 1,000 kilometers (600 miles ) away , however MEKA Modular homes can be shipped anywhere in the world as a normal container woul do.

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