Shack made ​​with a container in Maduru Oya


Shack made ​​with a container in Maduru Oya

In the army camp in the Maduru Oya park, Sri Lanka , in front of a lake and surrounded by a lush jungle and mountains, lies this little cottage.

 Shack made ​​with a container in Maduru Oya2

After the war a lot of material in this army camp was abandoned without any useful purpose , this is the case of the shipping containers used by the army to transport materials, the architect of this construction decided to give them a second use and use them to build this cabin.

 Shack made ​​with a container in Maduru Oya3

The main idea was this, reuse the abandoned components at this place to create this useful space, not using only this shipping container also using recycled wood and railroad ties .

 Shack made ​​with a container in Maduru Oya4

Also there wasn’t available professional tools to create any sophisticated construction, so it was decided to make a simple cabin, with a more rudimentary design and with the aim of simplifying the project and its costs, this would minimize also the enviromental impact. Two shipping containers were used to form the house, and the interior is divided into 3 areas : a bedroom, a living room and bathroom-kitchen area.

   Shack made ​​with a container in Maduru Oya5

 Shack made ​​with a container in Maduru Oya6

The container cottage has 2 access, one used as the main entrance and the other as an access to the lake. Over the 2 containers has also been created a covered terrace, the roof has been made with 2 container walls, forming a sloping roof.

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