Shipping container home in Thailand


Shipping container home in Thailand

Narongdej Nilapat – Aonang Krabi Thailand – container house

This is an amazing house made completely with shipping containers in a wonderful place. The house has been created with the combination of a 20 feet and 40 feet container by the architect Narongdej Nilapat.

For the construction of this house has been used very low-cost materials, you can check you giving a little look to it, The finish of the house are not very, finishes are quite simple, and the containers have not been painted, the floor finishes are also made with primary materials, even the small front porch is not very complex.

Finally also the house has not been isolated from the outside because the Thai clima is so soft, this can be problematic with our neighbors or if we are to close from a road, because if there is no insulation for the temperature it isn’t too for the exterior sound… Definitely a very successful architectural solution considering the weather of thailand and the citizens purchasing power.

You can know more about this home here.

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Shipping container home in Thailand3

Shipping container home in Thailand2

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