Simple container house for tropical climas


Today I want to show you this model of a container house for tropical climas. It’s essentially a simple house, that shines especially because of its low cost, it’s designed for those who have fewer resources to purchase a home.

The idea is that anyone, which a low purchasing power, can make one himself, acquiring 2 containers. With the help of some labor and some materials you can have it ready for living.

Simple container house for tropical climas

The house comprises 2 shipping containers of 40 feet, giving a total area of about 190ft2 (58m2), plus it has a great outdoor space taking advantage of the smoothness of the tropical clima, the space will be protected from the sun and the rain to be always 100% habitable.

Simple container house for tropical climas 2

The shipping containers are not insulated, it is not necessary as the temperatures are always warm, but they are protected from the sun. A cover sheet leaves a generous inner ventilation space to prevent the containers fro overheating, also helps to drain the generous waters of the tropical rains. The home environment will need to have several endemic trees to protect the house with his shadow.

Simple container house for tropical climas 3

The roof has been painted green to minimize the environmental impact of the construction.

Simple container house for tropical climas 4

The interior of the house can accommodate a bathroom, 3 small rooms and a common area. The kitchen is located on the outside to avoid odors.

Simple container house for tropical climas 5

The cost of the shipping containers is about 3000 € (2250$), the roof and the exterior structure 2000 € (1500$), the kitchen and the facilities  1000 € (750$), finally the interiors are 2000 € (1500$). So this house could be built for approximately 8,000 € (6000$), having in mind that we are using the area prices and that the labor is not included.

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