Swimming pool built ​​with a shipping container


Swimming pool built ​​with a shipping container 1

Another good choice for the shipping containers are the swimming pools. Due to the containers are used primarily to transport goods on ships, these are completely watertight, indeed, sometimes they fall into the sea from these cargo ships and stay afloat due to its tightness, which makes them very dangerous for those who sail in small boats, more than one sailor has impacted with these containers and lost his boat on the seabed…

 Swimming pool built ​​with a shipping container 2

In any case we can always take advantage of this curious feature that have the shipping containers, and it’s very easy to create a pool with them because they don’t have water leaks. Even more the materials from which they are built makes them particularly resistant to the marine environment, and therefore to the swimming pool water (oxidation and corrosion).

 Swimming pool built ​​with a shipping container 3

So if you want to create your pool a good way is to use a shipping container, it will have a long and wide space to swim comfortably, and also the depth is also considerable (about 2m, 6ft). It’s recommended to paint the container again with several layers of waterproof and protective coats, you’ll never be too careful! and also install a swimming pool cleaning equipment, which you can buy in any specialized swimming pool store. The strong container structure will resist any water pressure so you just need to find a good hole where to install it.

Swimming pool built ​​with a shipping container 4

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