The first shipping container home in Brooklyn



In the last 10 years the value of the properties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has become very expensive for a normal family, so now its very difficult to affor buying a house. David Boyle and his wife Michele Bertomen decided to try building a shipping container home to fight these expensive prices. In the year 2008 the couple bought a small plot in the Keap street of only 750ft2. and began to build his home with 6 marine containers. actually they just have moved to their new home.

 The first shipping container home in Brooklyn2

The couple bought 6 shipping containers per 800$ each unit, and designed entire house with the 6 containers (Bertomen is an architect). 3 are ubicated on one side of the plot one on the top of the other, and at the other side the other 2 ubicated the same way. All are connected by an internal staircase. The house was built in a very short time due to the ease of building with shipping containers. But at the half of the¬†building process they were ordered to stop the construction by the public administration, that was because the design didn’t respect the minimum requirements of the law. As previously a shipping container home was never built in New York. This model will be the first of its kind, so the city administration was very careful on what to allow relatinf this type os construction.

The final cost of the house was 400,000$, 100,000$ were due to delays in the construction. They finnally get the certificate of occupancy on the past 28th of February.

The first shipping container home in Brooklyn 3

The first shipping container home in Brooklyn 4

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