The Holyoke Cabin


The Holyoke Cabin, located in Minnesota, has been built using 2 shipping containers and a using super economic resources, the 2 containers have cost just $ 800 each.

The Holyoke Cabin 1

The house sits on 12 pillars of concrete, using the 2 containers as a structural base to build over them the rest of the house. The containers have not been externally modified, instead of having windows the light enters the house through the windows created in the rest of the walls.

The Holyoke Cabin 2

The house is completely disconnected from the network, so soon their owners are going to isntall a system of photovoltaic panels and a rainwater collector.

  The Holyoke Cabin 3

The Holyoke Cabin 4

The Holyoke Cabin 5

The Holyoke Cabin 6

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