Unusual building made ​​with containers


Unusual building made ​​with containers

In Williamsburg currently it’s being built the Carroll ‘s House, designed by the cargotecture firm LOT-EK for a private client. The building consists of 21 shipping containers, but the more surprising thing is the profile of the roof, which is fully tilted.

Unusual building made ​​with containers2

To build the building first all the shipping containers were stacked one above the other, then the diagonal cut was made to have this special shape, the goal of this design is to remember the old factories of Williamsburg, a town where the industry played a major role in long time ago.

Unusual building made ​​with containers3

The building will be used for homes, alho it has a covered patio, a pool and a garage. Perhaps it seems that with this design a lot useful space is lost, that is true but thanks to the windows on the sloped side of the building, the homes have better ventilation and lighting.

Unusual building made ​​with containers4

The building is still under construction, so we can’t appreciate how will be the end result, however the building is going to be painted with a brown color and small windows on the side are going to be included .

Unusual building made ​​with containers6

 Unusual building made ​​with containers7

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