Use the shipping containers as rooms


Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan are a couple living in San Francisco in a rather special place. Jeff and Claudia love to travel and collect pieces of art from the exotic places that they visit, so their home can not be just a house, it must also combine the space with an art gallery.

So they ventured to live in a loft in San Francisco, a very good solution considering that they obtain a lot of space. The problem came when in this great space that offered the loft they wanted to add a room, but without breaking the continuity of the generous space offered by this place. How to do it? Well the idea they had was excellent, they thought of creating 2 rooms using 2 shipping containers, and using the internal height of the loft, put one above the other.

Use the shipping containers as rooms 1

Use the shipping containers as rooms 2

So these 2 containers can be used as an office and a bedroom, they only had to place them, paint them and equip them with all the furniture they may need, including a wall bed. The space of the two units is perfectly defined, and the rest of the loft becomes a kind of living room and exhibitor at the same time, perfect for their lifestyle. On the other hand the containers fit nicely with industrial decor of the rest of the place, considering the place was an old factory it makes sense.

Use the shipping containers as rooms 3

Use the shipping containers as rooms 4

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