Wonderful cabin container in the forest


In southern Ontario in Canada, we can find this cabin in the woods built with 3 shipping containers.


The containers still retain their traditional exterior appearance, and only in its interior their walls are isolated, this is possible thanks to that the Ontario’s climate is cold almost a large part of the year.


Only have been built holes and windows in the new partitions doors, the other metal walls remain intact.


Instead inside the metal sheets between the containers have been removed to create a large single open room.


This space has everything you need to be living in a basic way, it has an open kitchen-bathroom, and a fireplace. Bedroom, living room and dining room also share the same space.


A house very curious and due to its simple conception the construction is completly low cost, for those who don’t have big needs can be an ideal location to live.


The use of noble materials on the floor and furniture, make the room cozy despite of being inside a cold container.



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