Expanding a Hostel using a shipping container


On the island of Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia, near the beach of Cenang, if you look in detail you can find this wonderful restaurant and Backpackers Hostel. This hostel would have been unnoticed in our blog, if it were not for having a very unique feature that brings us so much. It turns out that one of the rooms of the Hostel, an extension of one of the sides, is made ​​with a shipping container.

Expanding a Hostel using a shipping container

The hostel is very unique and special, full of reggae boys and Caucasian backpackers where all day chill-out music is playing , and the truth is that the hostel style perfectly fits with its temporary inhabitants. Absolutely all the construction and furniture are made from recycled materials, and of course all handmade by themselves, Who little by little are raising their little “empire.” For example it’s no surprise to see how the restaurant has seats that are made with tires and ropes… and a lot of furniture is made with pallets and tree trunks found out there, certainly a very peculiar place.

Expanding a Hostel using a shipping container 2

That is why the use of the shipping container is not surprising, probably they needed an extra space to accommodate more guests, so what a better way than using a container attached to its dependencies. Also adapting the container to the hostel wasn’t a big deal, the weather in Langkawi is very soft, so they didn’t have to isolate the container. On the other hand the rains are constant and very intense, so they chose to make a small roof also to protect the container from the sun. Finally they added enough windows and doors to make it habitable and let the light enter from the outside naturally.

Expanding a Hostel using a shipping container 3

It isn’t unusual to find through Southeast Asia increasingly dwellings made with shipping containers, and furniture made ​​from recycled items such as pallets. The recycling trend in construction is even here and hopefully for so long.

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