Popup hotel made with containers


The Snoozebox Hotel is ideal for those places that need extra space for temporary accommodation, such as sporting events, music events, natural disaster zones etc … The Hotel is quickly mounted on the region and is completely self-sufficient.

The hotel is built with containers and remains modular, so it’s as easily transportable as the containers. The building also has other features such as balconies and terraces which are removable and foldable. The rooms are perfectly habitable and equipped with all the comforts, they can have 2 or 4 beds, double bed plus a bunkbed, and also have Wi-Fi, a TV, a wardrobe and shared bathrooms. The hotel may have from 40 to 400 rooms, and can be mounted in just 48 hours, so it can be very useful in cases of extreme urgency. It also has modules of common areas such as a bar-restaurant.







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