Urban farms in containers


Urban farms in containers

Today we want to show you ​​these urban farms build with shipping containers. With containers Chivialle has designed an aquaponic complex to allow circular agriculture process. Each container contains 2M3 of water where the bacterias converts the fish wastes into natural fertilizers which are minerals for the plants, then the water falls back into the pool where the fish wastes are. The roof of the container is a greenhouse, it’s ideal to maximize the sunlight.

Actually, these UFU ‘s have been built in Zurich , Berlin and Brussels, and an online blog helps all these urban farmers to share their ideas and experiences with the containers, the successes and failures to help each other to learn . Architectural Chivialle facilities also help to reduce the distances to our sources of food supplies, sometimes vegetables and fruits come from too far, spending a lot of energy in the process. But much more than that, the idea that all these farmers share their working ideas an experiences through the internet, it’s brilliant to continue improving this community.

Urban farms in containers5

Urban farms in containers4


 Urban farms in containers2

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