A sales office built of shipping containers


In Shanghai, China, the Architectural firm Atelier XÜK has created a temporary sales offices using shipping containers, which also have the function of a commercial space. The use of these is completely temporary, and it is anticipated that within a year the occupants again will be moved to a new location.


As we have seen in other situations, the use of the containers is ideal for this type of temporary buildings, for its speed of execution, as an economical solution, and also the visual impact that they have.


One of the highest in this construction, was to minimize the use of the shipping containers used in the work, that’s why a huge atrium has been created on the ground floor using the structure of the containers as a cover.


A sloping roof of one direction covers the whole complex, in order to create a building that not only consists of stacked containers, giving to the whole complex the appearance of a simple house.


Simplicity is present throughout all the architectural work, due to the temporary origin of the construction and therefore seeking to simplify and economize the execution.





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