Containerville, an office complex built with shipping containers


In London there’s a tradition of creating architectural spaces using marine containers, in fact it is one of the first cities to dare with this type of construction, probably the fame that the city has due to its modernity and urban culture, has helped little by little to start seeing this type of buildings.

containerville 1

Today we show you in our container architecture blog the Containerville, an office complex created exclusively using shipping containers, of 2 stories high. Located in the Regent’s Channel, 30 containers has been stacked, 15 on the first floor, and 15 more placed in exactly the same way on the second floor, as if they were in the harbor waiting to be transported, in fact they are located next to the river so that’s the feeling that inspire.

containerville 2

These offices are specially designed for young entrepreneurs who need a more economic space, and also with a very modern feel. Each container is properly insulated to withstand the vicissitudes of London clima, and can comfortably accommodate 8 desks, so the rental possibilities are many, offices can also be shared so the final cost of rent can be very affordable.

containerville 3

The advantages of this prefabricated complex are several: the location is excellent, it has a competitive price, a very special and appropriate image for a specific type of customer, and the equipment includes everything like renting furniture, kitchen in the modules or internet via fiber optics.

containerville 4

The rental price of each module amounts to 1000 pounds (1500 $) per month, considering the unbeatable location and that the offices can be shared, it’s certainly a very competitive price.

containerville 5

containerville 6

containerville 7


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