Modern offices built with shipping containers in Israel


In Israel, in the Ashdod Port near Tel Aviv, this office building has been built using seven shipping containers, 6 store the office space while an inclined one builds the stairway to the top floor.

Designed by Potash Architects, the containers are connected to the ladder by a concrete core, which also holds the container-staircase inclined.

The offices host the administrative functions of the port, and we find that the containers are the best element to construct them, because it’s a very valid resource and also it’s so easy to get them in a place like this. They only should be careful that the cranes don’t take away the building …

We love the idea of using one of the containers as the stairs, this shows that still there’s a lot to innovate in building construction using containers, and that they can be used in many smart and shocking ways.






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