Pros & cons



Below I detail which are the pros and cons of the container homes :


Solid : Thanks to its metallic materials this kind of housing have a lot of strenght in their walls.

Safe : Once the containers are completely closed they are fully anti-vandal also they are structurally designed to withstand heavy weights over them, so for example they could withstand the impact of a big tree that accidentally fell on its casing without having any structural damage .

Waterproof and anti-corrosion : Another 2 characteristics due to its marine nature make them ideal to resist for several years outdoors .

Functional: Their compact design make the homes very practical and functional , easy to clean and with everything you need at your fingertips.

Very durable : Shipping container homes are strong enough and sturdy enough to last for decades !

Expandable : The modular design of this houses makes them easily expandable , you just need to attach over them new containers or just place them on the sides.

Transportable : Thanks to its origin and their use containers are ideal for transportation, indeed, are designed precisely for this! so if you need a house with a lot of mobility this can be a good option .

Ecological: The reuse of the shipping containers to build a house is an ecological activity which keeps the environment free of man-made elements.

Cheap: The shipping container houses are cheaper than the traditional dwellings, since the containers can be find at a very good price on the second hand market.

Cons :

Low ceilings : There are higher and ideal containers for housing, but the standard ones have low ceilings to be used for this purpose, however it is enough.

Narrow : The containers are also designed to be transported by road and rail , this makes them very narrow , however we can solve this problem by installing the containers one next to each other by its longest side .