Chesterfield Lounge in Andorra la Vella


Chesterfield Lounge in Andorra la Vella (2)

In Andorra la Vella, taking advantage that at the country of Andorra advertising tobacco is completely free and is not prohibited, the tobacco brand Chesterfield has created this bar -pub at the city center , just next to the big avenue. This story itself does not have anything special related to our blog if it weren’t because the whole building was made with shipping containers.

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The building has 3 stories high and for its creation were used 6 containers of 40 feet, 2 joined performs each floor that gives to the bar-restaurant 180m2 (2.000ft2). The ground floor consists of a terrace and a large bar plus some tables and sofas, the second floor contains more tables and even a free photo booth for guests that want to have fun, and finally the third floor is a terrace with a small bar which also serves sandwitxes too.

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For the decoration they used industrial look furniture, in some cases made ​​from recycled items, such as tables made from metal drums. The wall covering inside and outside of the containers was done on the 3 floors with different materials, it’s so well done that it is difficult to find any trace that these structures were previously shipping containers .

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The tobacco brand is constantly present and there are numerous games and activities to promote it, it’s not only a bar, it’s also an adevertising building where of course you can buy tobacco.

Chesterfield Lounge in Andorra la Vella

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