Restaurants made with containers in Bogota, Colombia


Restaurants made with containers in Bogota, Colombia

In Bogota , Colombia , is increasingly common to see restaurants made ​​within shipping containers. It’s simple , it is a modern and economical way to bring local food to the citizens of Bogotá. The concept started in Asia, where they are more open to the concept of eating on the street culture, and gradually it has been opening to other countries.

These are 12 fast food restaurants that together comprise an area of ​​950M2 (10.200 ft2). To create this unique space 11 shipping containers have been used, which have been restored and adapted for its use as restaurants .

In the container city the ecology  is an extra of the complex, since it is the first shopping center built entirely with shipping containers and also recyclable. These containers are also very rigid and self-supporting as they are designed to support up to 6 containers one over the other and full of goods, like they are used in the ports. Each container  individually  can support up to 40 tons. Also as they have been recycled to build these restaurants they can be recycled again to create any space, like a shipping container home.

Some of the restaurants not only offer the Colombian local cuisine, they also dare with other culinary cultures of different countries. Some of the brands that you can find are: El Corral , Pizza One , Gyropolys , The Bubble Tea Bar , Fresco, Bottega Firenze , Santo Pecado , Tea Juliette, Below Zero , Sushi To Go, Myriam Camhi and Andrés Express .

Next I show this video about these shipping container restaurants:

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