Houses with 2 cargo containers


Houses with 2 cargo containers

The houses made of cargo containers have lower costs , they also have a strong and stable structure , are easy to transport, and are well suited to the production scheme of prefabricated houses.

This design is part of the Ex -Container Project, is an idea focused on solving the problem of accommodation to the people affected by disasters , developed by Yasutaka Yoshimura , an architect of who we had already very good references for the result achieved in the Bayside Marina project, a hotel made also with shipping containers.

 Houses with 2 cargo containers2

Linking two 20-foot containers we built small houses equiped with bathroom, kitchen and a multipurpose room used as a living room and bedroom. There is also a version with stacked containers on the top of the others, or put together at the same level ( cheaper version), and as you can see on the pictures, you can get very comfortable homes .

In principle, the nature of this type of housing is temporary architecture ( about two years ) , but you can make them permanent for those affected households that request it, because it is not only an economical solution, it’s also safe and comfortable. In this latter case we should add a third container between the other two, making a home of approximately 500 – 600 ft2.

We were impressed to know also that you have the possibility of returning these houses to their original purpose, to use them as containers as a way for transporting goods.

Houses with 2 cargo containers3

Houses with 2 cargo containers4

Houses with 2 cargo containers5

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