School and accommodation center built with shipping containers


Browsing Pinterest I have found this design which I think it’s very curious and interesting. It’s simply a concept that has not yet been carried out, but containing a great idea. The idea is to merge in the same space a classroom and a place to live, as a kind of a small boarding school, and all designed to be built with a minimal investment. It’s a solution that could be used temporarily in sites where have took place natural disasters or simply countries with extreme poverty, where this complex can give a small opportunity to the children in the area.

School and accommodation center built with containers 3

This center is three stories high, each made of a container. The ground floor contains what would be the classroom where the lessons will be imparted, the first floor houses the dorm with bunk beds for the students, with a total capacity of 6 people, and the top floor is a small kitchen and a garden terrace.

School and accommodation center built with containers 2

The complex is located in an plot that also has a small garden, where you can still exploit the possibilities of the garden, and also the self-sufficiency, an important lesson to teach to the students. Besides the design of this center also has the projection of placing a wind generator, that can supply electrical power to the building, so it would be virtually autonomous.

School and accommodation center built with containers 1


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