“Space” Architecture with containers and solar panels


Architecture with containers and solar panels

Lloyd may have questioned some of the ideas behind the fashion of the container architecture ,  but like the major part of the thinks inside the world of the sustainability there’s nothing good or bad using the containers as a housing method, is just the way we use them which is good or bad.

If you are in need of portability, robustness and quickness, there is nothing better like the use of the containers due to it’s natural conception, specially when we use them as recycled items. Recently a Nigerian newspaper “The Nation” spoke us about a little company that offers some kind of solar powered shelters using solar panels and shipping containers.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, the company officials , including Abiola Iyiola Dimeji Bassir, said that the ” SPACE” is a safe and sturdy portable building made ​​from recycled containers , shipping cubes equipped with the capacity to generate solar energy. According to ” Bassir ” the photovoltaic panels on the top of the unit ” SPACE” are capable of generating up to 3.5 kW of solar energy, obviously always depending on the ubication and clima conditions.

” The energy generated by the solar panels is stored in the batteries, and these are designed to at least keep the enough energy for living into the container for five days, if they are used in an optimized way ,” he said . The batteries also could be recharged by generators.

 Architecture with containers and solar panels2

The website of ” SPACE” (Solar Powered Adaptive Container for Everyone ) suggests us the different kind of purposes for the units, which come with air conditioning as a standard , they can be used as relief centers , schools, offices, kiosks etc…

The creaters of this project informed us also that there’s a lot of different options that you can ask for the “Space” container, such as: different kinds of covers, plumbing. accessibility options, indoor and outdoor quality finishes, lighting, Satellite Internet and even a toilet with an incinerator system.

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