Underground houses with shipping containers


We still haven’t found an underground house built with containers, but it seems an interesting idea, since the structure of the containers can help us to carry out a project of this nature.


Without being paranoid it’s true that many people are interested in this topic, especially because of fears that exist towards terrorism, nuclear power or a potential third world war, especially in the US. Of course this is not our case, but still the challenge of building an underground home seems very interesting.


In any case this is not as simple as burying a container and put a hatch above, we’ll have to adapt the container to the right conditions, in order to make it work as an underground house.

There are many implicit problems, like that it can corrode or collapse due to the forces, besides the containers must be habitable, and that includes that they have to be perfectly isolated, and to have electrical power and oxygen, so you’ll always need the advice of an engineer or an architect to achieve that end. But the containers are a good item to start working on a house of this type, and they can greatly facilitate everything.


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