Boxpark : Mall made ​​with containers


Boxpark  Mall made ​​with containers

A new concept in the retail is going to born in London, and this can mean a revolution in the commercial architecture. A temporary mall made ​​entirely with shipping containers will be built in Shoreditch the next summer.

 Boxpark  Mall made ​​with containers 3

The mall will consist of 2 stories having a total of 61 shops, all inside shipping containers, a lot of very known brands have been invited to fill all these containers, always offering good and aggressive pricing in a lowcost rent local. In addition the project has the potential to grow offering 2,000 new homes and office space.

 Boxpark  Mall made ​​with containers 4

 Boxpark  Mall made ​​with containers 2

The project is located in a neighborhood of a very creative tradition and close to a metro station , and is expected to attract even more people and active specially the area. Is not the first time that an initiative like this has appeared in other world capitals,  in other cities have emerged very similar shopping centers and all of them have had great commercial success despite its low cost.

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