Bus station made ​​of containers


Bus station made ​​of containers

“NL architects ” has developed a temporary structure in the “Barnevels noord bus station” in Netherlands, it is a structure made of shipping containers designed to make the waiting time enjoyable. This construction was made using the idea of the “pretting wachten ” , a campaign that aims to improve the waiting time at the stations for the most stressed travelers.

 Bus station made ​​of containers2

The temporary project has been built with shipping containers, which result in an ambiguous and powerful facade. 3 horizontal volumes are suspended together forming a roof . One of the areas is used for temporary programs specific to the place, another is used for storage, and the third is a waiting room for the travellers. The fourth container is ubicated vertically, the result is a tower with a clock and a wind vane that follows the traditional Dutch canons. This project will be implemented in 20 other bus stations in all the country.

 Bus station made ​​of containers3

 Bus station made ​​of containers4

A public space that introduces human presence where before there was’nt services or employees, in the picture you can see that in this case a café has been incorporated to the station, but it is expected to include other types of services, such as a Bike repair store or a tourist office …

 Bus station made ​​of containers5

Below you can see the different facades of the container station:

Bus station made ​​of containers6

 Bus station made ​​of containers7

 Bus station made ​​of containers8

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